Main Board Portal Software Benefits

Board portal software is a centralized, highly secure, online hub designed for board administrators and directors to organize and manage meetings, access materials, and communicate with each other.

The Importance of Using Board Portal Software

Many organizers see board online meetings as a temporary and forced alternative to traditional offline conferences, which is really in vain. Distance events have many advantages, for example, they can be used to attract audiences from other regions and thereby significantly increase the reach. However, it is not so easy to take advantage of the benefits: it is not enough just to apply experience in organizing offline events, you need to get your hands on and master all the nuances of the online format.

Why hold board software meetings online? First, you get rid of the problems associated with the location of your partners. Secondly, you will be able to hold twice as many meetings. And, in addition, you will have the opportunity to attract new visitors who previously could not get to the venue of your board meeting. Now, when everyone eagerly attends online events and forgives the organizers for small mistakes, it’s time to master and hone this tool. And when everything is back in place, continue to use it to achieve business results.

When hosting a board meeting or remote meeting, ensure that the cameras are pointed at the participants in the room so that the remote participants can see who is speaking. Remote participants are best shown on a large screen. Despite the fact that the need for digitalization will become even more urgent in the future, it is not clear what investments will be required and how to implement them. Moreover, as expected, some digital transformations bring higher returns than others.

What Are the Benefits of Board Portal Software?

Specific management relations inherent in board portal software and not inherent in other forms of business organization are relations between managers and shareholders, relations between various groups of shareholders (between insiders and outsiders, between minority and majority shareholders), management relations in connection with the attraction of financial resources through issue and placement of shares in connection with exercising control over the share capital, payment of dividends, etc.

The main benefits of board portal software are:

  • You can share the screen.
  • There is a group chat for exchanging messages, images, and audio messages.
  • You can set a certain status for your contact and change it right during the conference.
  • An invitation to join the conference is sent by phone, mail, or company contacts. The most commonly used invitation link or identifier.
  • The connection is stable over time.
  • During a call, you can show a presentation, as well as draw on a whiteboard.
  • In a conference, participants can be divided into sub-teams by spreading them over the “rooms”.
  • It is convenient to change the background, you can even try out the virtual mask.
  • There is protection for various encryption protocols.

Board portal software companies are leveraging this vast pool of personalized data to improve their products, communications, services, and interactions, so consumers can see themselves being tailored to their needs and feel more fulfilled in the process. Activities in the field of board management software are the prerogative of the executive bodies of the organization. Key issues in the field of corporate governance should be decided by the general meeting of shareholders. Exercising the functions of corporate governance between shareholders’ meetings, the board of directors simultaneously decides on business management issues.

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Importance of a Board Meeting Agenda

A board meeting agenda does not start from the moment it goes on the air and does not end with the last word of the discussion. It takes much more time to prepare for it, and access must also be granted after the end of the session.

How to Make the Effective Board Meeting Agenda?

To make an effective board meeting agenda, show your personality to keep the other person’s attention. Be as individual as if you were communicating life, or even more if the circumstances call for it. Your energy will attract the audience and set it up to discuss the proposed topics. Listeners will not lose track of the conversation, especially if you contact them directly, asking for their opinion on the issues discussed. If everyone in the meeting gets involved in an active discussion, all issues will be resolved faster and you can discuss more in less time.

The exact format of the board meeting agenda is less important than the fact that you write down all the key information, especially regarding the responsibilities that were assigned during the meeting. Typical elements of the meeting minutes include a list of attendees and a list of those who were invited but could not participate, the start and end times of the event, all major decisions made at the meeting, all tasks assigned to the participants, and any questions that were postponed. to a later meeting.

It is very important to check if you have everything ready for the board meeting. It is better to create a checklist for this. For example, something like this:

  • get the confirmation of the time of their speech from the speakers;
  • agree to check the connection and collect emergency contacts;
  • prepare intermediate slides (greeting, story about you, conference rules, special offers, and a short story about your product);
  • prepare a series of letters for the conference day (remind about the event an hour before, 10 minutes in advance, and also send a notification after the end of lunch);
  • distribute roles in the team (who will be the moderator, who will be able to throw useful links into the chat);
  • make a form for feedback that you will collect from conference participants;
  • think over a communication channel with the conference team in order to quickly respond to force majeure.

The Main Components of Board Meeting Agenda

The board meeting agenda indicates:

  • the date and time of the meeting, the place of the meeting and (or) the method of remote participation, and in cases of absentee voting – the date before which the documents containing information on voting were accepted, the method of sending these documents;
  • information about the persons who took part in the meeting and (or) about the persons who sent documents containing information about voting;
  • results of voting on each item on the agenda;
  • information about the persons who carried out the counting of votes, if the counting of votes was entrusted to certain persons;
  • information about the persons who voted against the decision of the meeting and who demanded to make a note about it in the minutes;
  • information on the course of the meeting or on the course of voting, if the participant requests them to be included in the minutes;
  • information about the persons who signed the protocol.
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Planning a Board Meeting: Full Checklist

Everyone hates meetings, but everyone knows they are needed at the same time. So how do you make board meetings more efficient and not a big waste of time?

How to Plan an Effective Board Meeting?

For a board meeting to run smoothly, there are many things to take care of, including content consistency and proper webinar setup. We provide checklists for your organization’s production, technical, and presentation teams so everyone knows how to prepare for X-Day.

Another advantage of the board meeting is that now you can conduct them both in audio and video mode. And this, in turn, will help visitors to better assimilate the material. With the help of the board meeting system, you can also use other functions to communicate with your subordinates, colleagues, and business partners. For example, it can be testing, branding or screen sharing, or presentation of videos and various files.

Thus, it is clear that the future offers more data-driven approaches to the board meetings that will help rethink entire markets and drive better decision-making at all levels of the company. Digital transformation offers many more opportunities than just improving individual processes. It transforms any industry on a large scale.

When you’re ready to start your board meeting, keep our event guide close at hand so you don’t forget what you need to take care of at the last minute. Test microphones and cameras, open a session ahead of time so that attendees can be added, and check that the recording and streaming settings are correct.

Full Checklist of Planning a Board Meeting

  1. Find partners for the board meeting.

Partners are a source of “warm” and free traffic. Don’t neglect this channel. Create a document where you will enter the schedule of mailings from partners and agreements. Be sure to record obligations to your partners so that you do not blush later for your forgetfulness.

2. Develop and send to speakers presentation templates for speeches.

Discuss the topic of the presentation, timing, and plan. And make sure all presentations are branding and include your branding. Along with the presentation template, prepare a letter in which you tell about the purpose of the conference, format, timing, audience. Include in this letter as much information as possible that will help the speaker prepare for the presentation in a quality manner.

3. Choose a platform for your online meeting.

Please note that there are no perfectly stable platforms. Anything can happen. Therefore, take your time for tests, make sure that the technical support of the platform is always in touch. And think about Plan B in case something goes wrong.

4. Launch ad campaigns and start actively collecting leads.

The closer the start date, the more actively the participants register for the conference, but this does not mean that you can launch an advertising campaign a week before the event and get the result. As a rule, all advertising channels start operating at full capacity within two weeks after the launch of the campaign. It will take time for you to spin the flywheel.

5. Think over the game mechanics with which you will entertain the audience during the board meeting.

The more time a person spends at the conference, the more “warm” he will be. Therefore, consider games and contests that will provide additional motivation to participate in the event.

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